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Founded on the principle idea that helping people begins from within, FeeLaVee Botanicals is inspired by ancient healing arts that foster humanistic well-being, not only in each of us, but radiating outward to others. Through our commitment to finding organic ingredients and holistic approaches in creating our skin care products, we provide hope to our client-family by making them feel ecstatic about the way their skin looks and feels. FeeLaVee products inspire that feeling whether it’s through softer skin, diminishing dark circles, reducing scars or easing aches and pains. We stand proudly by our products; we would not create anything that we wouldn’t recommend to our family and friends.


ABOUT  Happy Temple444

Happy Temple444 spring forth from a created partnership that is founded on the evolution and expansion of the mind, body, and spirit in creative, fun and bountiful ways.  Happy Temple is more than just treating the body well (as our earthly temple), it's about seeking out what inspires us, what drives us and what nurtures us for our highest and greatest good.  When we generate positive energy, positive things flow to us in abundant and magical ways.  a Happy Temple leads to a Happy Life.



To create products that help our client-family nurture their minds and bodies well to foster a finer awareness of self care in a positive way. We are active in our community to effect positive change by the connections we are making and the lives we touch every day. Ultimately, we gauge our success by the positive changes we make for our client-family and then radiating compassion that is generated outward into the world.

Happy Temple 444 - Finding Inspiration from Daily Life

A Happy Temple, A Happy Life

Happy Temple is the creative concept division of FeelaVee that is focused on supporting our clients find balance in their daily lives.  Currently we are focusing on creating wearable, digital art featuring QR codes that connect to scanner to videos, memes, and other visual content meant to inspire, entertain, and delight viewers. 

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